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Ehime Prefecture Iyo City Tourist Information Site

A plan to fully enjoy Shimonada Station and Futami that you can't start without coming here

37 minutes by car from JR Matsuyama Station

01 Paragliding experience

With an elevation difference of about 800 meters, you can enjoy a powerful paragliding experience from one of the highest altitudes in Japan, overlooking the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and the islands floating there. It is a safe tandem flight with an instructor. Reservations are required and cost 13,000 yen (tax included) + 2,000 yen (tax included) for safety management. Applications are open to people aged 13 and over.


Approximately 5 minutes by car

02 Green Smile

The owner grew up in the Futami Midori area and serves Kyoto cuisine with local ingredients at this traditional restaurant. The restaurant serves home-grown Nikomaru rice cooked in a clay pot, vegetables, and fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea, plus rare ingredients that you don't usually get to eat. You can feel the joy of eating through the appearance and taste of the food.


Approximately 12 minutes by car

03 Shimonada Station

Shimonada Station is a very popular photogenic spot. It has been used as a location for movies and dramas, and is also very popular on social media. Many people from inside and outside the prefecture get off at this station to experience this location.


2 minutes by car

04 Uruki Soy Sauce Shop

This shop is famous for its "Mito Soy Sauce" which is aged for three years. The soy sauce, made to complement the fish of the Seto Inland Sea, has a unique sweetness and is also known as the favorite soy sauce of Ehime-born professional golfer Matsuyama Hideki.

A course to enjoy Shimonada Station, a station you'll want to get off at least once

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