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Ehime Prefecture Iyo City Tourist Information Site

Retro and sophisticated, yet stylish! A trip to explore the wabi-sabi atmosphere of Iyo City

29 minutes by car from Matsuyama IC → 8 minutes by car from Nakayama Smart IC

01 Jokeiji Temple

Take the Nakayama Smart IC to Nakayama Town. Shokeiji Temple, located right next to Nakayama Elementary and Junior High School, offers free zazen sessions to those who wish to attend. Zazen is a way to practice the teaching of Zen Buddhism, which is to "cherish every moment and live life to the fullest," and is a time that is necessary for modern people who are busy and overwhelmed with information.


11 minutes by car

02 Saredani Kiln

On the way from Inuyose Tunnel to Yamate, you will find the quietly located "Sarayani Kiln". It is a place where you can experience pottery while feeling the rich nature of Sarayani. Works are always on display and for sale, but you can encounter even more works at the kiln opening twice a year. Notifications will be sent to you by postcard.


Approximately 6 minutes by car

03 Nakayama Roadside Station "Craft Village"

Roadside Station Nakayama "Craft Village" sells "delicious foods" from Iyo City, mainly from Nakayama. There is also a rest area, so you can eat on the spot.


19 minutes by car

04 Tsutaya Ryokan

This townhouse mansion was owned by the late Mori Torazo, who made his fortune in the shipping industry in the early Showa period. It retains its traditional atmosphere and can be used as a lodging facility or rental space.

Dormitory: from 4,000 yen (price for 1 person for 2 days/1 night, tax included)

Rental space: Large hall 500 yen per hour

*Prices current as of April 2021.


6 minutes walk

05 Maruyoshi

At night, the back alleys of Nadamachi Shopping Street are lit up with lights and enveloped in a deep atmosphere. Behind the noren curtains is a lively atmosphere filled with customers and staff. Enjoy your fill of obanzai dishes centered around fresh fish from Iyo City.

A healing course to revitalize both body and mind

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