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Ehime Prefecture Iyo City Tourist Information Site

Visiting secret locations known only to those in the know

5 minutes by car from Nakayama IC

01 Yamabuki Shrine

Yamabuki Gozen supported Kiso Yoshinaka in the Genpei War together with Tomoe Gozen. Yamabuki Shrine in the Sarayani area of Nakayama Town, Iyo City, is said to have been built to mourn Yamabuki Gozen, who fled to Iyo City. The magnificent craftsmanship of the Choshu carpenters decorating the main hall and the quiet, moss-covered grounds are picturesque scenes that will make you want to take photos.


6 minutes by car

02 The Yellow Hills of Inuyose Pass

A small hill of about 2 hectares with a panoramic view in all directions. In spring, rape blossoms bloom in abundance, in summer it is a great place for a short hike, and in October hundreds of migratory "Monarch Butterfly" butterflies arrive here, making it a place where you can enjoy strolling and photography all year round.


Approximately 20 minutes by car

03 Monikodo 2

A cafe where you can enjoy lunch or tea in a comfortable space with a panoramic view of Iyo City. The theme is "homemade meals you can eat in no time, made by mom." You can enjoy a wide variety of meals made with love.


Approximately 8 minutes by car

04 Iyo Inari Shrine

Iyo Inari Shrine, with its striking red torii gate, is a photogenic spot where you can see the ocean from the shrine grounds. There are many things to see, such as a wisteria trellis that is about 270 years old, the "Crying Stone" that is said to cure babies who cry at night when prayed to, and the "Treasure Museum" where 100 treasures are stored and displayed. Ebisu, one of the Iyo Seven Lucky Gods, is enshrined here, and it is also the 49th temple of the New Shikoku Mandala Pilgrimage.


10 minutes by car

05 Welpia Iyo

A sports and culture facility boasting a vast site about 2.5 times the size of the Tokyo Dome. There are plenty of accommodation rooms to suit the needs of business, family, training, etc. There is also a large public bath and restaurant, so why not enjoy a relaxing evening in Iyo City?

A course that takes you around hidden photogenic spots

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