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You can buy apples and rice from Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture in Iyo City! ~Goods and People Exchange Project~


Soleil, the Iyo City Tourism and Products Association (general incorporated association), has teamed up with Kazuno Tourism and Products Corporation, a regional DMO based in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, to launch a project to promote interaction between people and goods from each region.


In the first phase of the "Product Exchange Project," which runs from December 2023 to early March 2024 (planned), local specialty products that are usually hard to find in Iyo City, such as "Kazuno apples," "Akita Komachi rice from Akita Prefecture," "Shiso-wrapped daikon radish," and "Kazuno offal udon sauce," will be sold at exchange hubs such as roadside stations in Iyo City (some stores will start selling them from January 2024).

The second part of the "People Exchange Project" will take place from January 29th to 31st, 2024, under the title "Monitor Tour to Experience Kazuno Snow Agriculture," in which farmers from Iyo City and related business operators will visit Kazuno City in the Tohoku region in winter to deepen their connections with the city through agricultural experiences unique to snowy regions, as well as a tour of the Kazuno Antra Roadside Station, which was selected as one of the top 100 souvenir facilities by a tourism industry magazine.

Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the flavors of Tohoku?

Soleilho, the Iyo City Tourism and Products Association, a general incorporated association, will continue to promote exchanges between regions.

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