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Held on Sunday, April 28th! "Let's Play at the Beach in Goshikihama"


The Iyo City Tourism and Products Association Soleil will be holding "Let's Play at the Beach in Goshikihama" to allow visitors to fully experience the charm of Goshikihime Seaside Park through "fun beach activities."


Goshikihime Seaside Park is about a 15-minute walk from the nearest station, and is a beautiful beach with white sand and palm trees lining the beach, giving it a tropical atmosphere. In addition to being a lively summer swimming spot, the park also hosts many beach events from June to October, such as beach volleyball tournaments such as the "HIME Cup" and "Madonna Cup," "Beach Life in Iyo," which fosters connections between people and the local community through beach sports, and the "Imotaki Party," a seasonal event in the fall. The event that kicks off these events is "Let's Play on the Beach in Iyo City."

Activities on the day include soccer and volleyball games, treasure hunts on the beach, rice cake and sweets throwing, beach tag, and many more. There will also be a kids' dance performance by a local dance team, and a variety of food trucks will be selling delicious gourmet food and sweets that can be easily eaten on the beach.

Special guests include beach volleyball Olympian Mika Saeki and former professional soccer player and Iyo City special sports ambassador Tsuyoshi Nishida. There may be some pop-in participation during the game!

We also hope that many people will enjoy the various events at Goshikihime Seaside Park, where you can enjoy atmospheric scenery all year round, such as the islands floating in the calm Seto Inland Sea and the beautiful sunsets sinking into the sea.

Let's play at the beach in Goshikihama

◆Date and time: Sunday, April 28, 2024, 10:00-15:00

◆Venue: Goshikihime Seaside Park (Ozaki, Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture)

◆Free admission

◆Parking: Available

*Please come by public transport (the nearest stations are JR Iyo-shi Station and Gunnakko Station, the terminus of the Iyotetsu Gunchu Line).

*Some content and times may change without notice.

*If the event is cancelled due to rain, we will post it on the Iyo City Tourism and Products Association Soleilyo website, Instagram, and Facebook.

*If the facility's parking lot is full, a temporary parking lot (Yamaki Parking Lot No. 8) will be provided.

The route from the venue to the temporary parking lot is ↓↓↓

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