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Notice of the JR Shimonada Station Demonstration Project


JR Shimonada Station is now known nationwide for its appeal.

Many tourists have come to visit the area to take photos of the nostalgic scenery. However, there are no nearby places to enjoy lunch or activities, so tourists who arrive by train have to spend a lot of time at the station.

So, the Iyo City Tourism and Products Association Soleil is running a limited-time shuttle bus project connecting JR Shimonada Station and Futami Roadside Station, aiming to encourage train passengers to visit other tourist spots in Iyo City.

[Implementation period] Monday, February 19, 2024 to Sunday, March 3, 2024

[Business Description]

*Shuttle bus operates between JR Shimonada Station and Futami Seaside Park "Roadside Station Futami"

*Implementation of a half-day tour of Iyo City centered around JR Shimonada Station for foreign tourists

* Conducting a questionnaire survey of visitors to JR Shimonada Station

For details click here ↓↓↓

We appreciate your cooperation and participation.

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